Tenko is a Remless sent by Tiger's Eye to fight Sailor Moon. She has the appearance of a magician, and can trap people with chains from her hair. She also attacks with a time bomb. She appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 7, A Pegasus Page Turner.

Tiger's Eye searched the dreams of a writer named Tomoko for Pegasus, but Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mini Moon came to stop him, so he sent Tenko after them. Tenko tied them up with chains and attached a time bomb to them to explode in two minutes, but Tuxedo Mask cut through the chains with his razor sharp rose attack, and Sailor Jupiter threw the bomb at Tenko, where it exploded and sent her crashing to the ground. As she got out of the Tenko-shaped hole, she was destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Gorgeous Meditation, after Sailor Mini Moon summoned Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell.