Biographical Information
Name Tensie
Aliases None
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Light-brown
Skin Color White
Height Almost 7'0"
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Alignment Negaverse
Affiliation Neflite
Rank Minion
Mission Collect energy
Operations Base
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Match Point for Sailor Moon"
Last Appearance "Match Point for Sailor Moon"
English Voice Maria Vacratsis
Japanese Voice

"Stay out of this, or I'll do the same thing to you!"
—Tensie, Ep. #11

Tensie is a Negamonster sent by Neflite to gather energy for the Negaverse. She appeared in Sailor Moon Episode 11, Match Point for Sailor Moon.

Tensie's essence was planted inside the tennis racket of a girl named Katie. Once Katie's energy reached its highest point, Tensie appeared from the tennis racket, draining her energy for the Negaverse. She trapped Sailor Moon in a tennis ball and threw her around the court, but was stopped by Tuxedo Mask. After being stunned by Tuxedo Mask, Tensie was destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Tiara Magic.

Her name is derived from the word tennis, as tennis seems to be her theme, and she was implanted in a tennis racket.


  • In the Japanese version Tensie's name was "Tesuni" which is an anagram of the loan word for "Tennis".

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