The Return of Sailor Moon is the first episode of Sailor Moon R. It was preceded by Day of Destiny and followed by So You Want to Be in Pictures.


Queen Beryl has been defeated, and now the Sailor Scouts are living normal lives, but have lost all memory of being Sailor Scouts and fighting the Negaverse.

However, two evil aliens named Alan and Ann arrive on Earth in a giant meteor, having heard of it from Queen Beryl sometime before her death, and want to gather energy from Earth for their Doom Tree, which is losing energy, and if it dies, they die.

Meanwhile, Darien is calling Serena "meatball head".

Alan and Ann disguise themselves as humans and go to Serena's school. Alan falls in love with Serena, and Ann falls in love with Darien. While following him, she collapses from lack of energy. Alan revives her with the Doom Tree's energy and summons a Cardian named Vampeal to drain energy.

Vampeal drains energy from several girls before attacking Molly. Luna and Artemis, who do not want to reawaken the Sailor Scouts unless they have to, attack Vampeal, but are unable to defeat her, and when Serena arrives to help Molly, Luna has no choice but to restore Serena's memory of being Sailor Moon. Serena transforms into Sailor Moon. Vampeal tries to drain Sailor Moon's energy but Luna attacks her. Sailor Moon then destroys her with Moon Tiara Magic, leaving only the card, which turns blank.

Alan and Ann appear and tell Sailor Moon that they didn't know there were people like her on Earth, but they'll continue their plan.


  • First appearance of Alan, Ann, and the Doom Tree
  • First and last appearance of Cardian Vampeal
  • Sailor Moon has her memories back