• Article Clean up

    Browsing through the primarily articles that describe the seasons of Sailor Moon has revealed a rather pressing problem that needs to be addressed by the whole of the community. A lot of the text is riddled with an awful HTML code that break ups just about every sentence and name written by the original creator of the article(s).

    HTML Problem

    The following screenshot is taken from the episode article "Worth a Princess's Ransom". Note the "&nbsp" riddled throughout the text.

    This is extremely problematic for individuals who want to make minor edits or revise a page. So I'd like to ask/request that active users here please try and assist in removing it to make editing pages (all 591 of them) easier to newcomers and mainstays.


    The Sailor Moon Dub Wiki's articles are also riddled with a number of useless and unnecessary categories like "Mothers", "Schoolgirl" "Heroine", "Male", "Female", etc. It would be a great help to this community if users were to assist in removing them.

    The primary categories for this Wiki, in regard to character(s), should be:

    1. Sailor Scouts
    2. Inner Sailor Scouts
    3. Outer Sailor Scouts
    4. Allies
    5. Negamonster(s)
    6. Droid(s)
    7. Daimon
    8. Remless
    9. Deceased Characters

    etc., etc.

    You get the gist.

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