• I know this isn't relevant to this wiki coz you and another admin are here, but I have founded some other wikis that don't have many other users so I haven't appointed admins there yet

    So, what happens if the only admin of a wiki dies, or else is absent long enough for their adminship to be revoked? Does that wiki remain without admins to keep the pages accurate and ensure that users follow the wiki's rules, clean up any vandalism, etc., or is there a way another one can be appointed?

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    • If you're looking to adopt a Wiki from a admin who has been absent and hasn't responded to any of your queries about the status of the wiki, you have to a): contact the Wikia Staff, b): have been an active editor long enough to warrant for admin status or bureaucrat status.

      And if a admin of a wiki dies, then I don't see anyone could know unless someone close to the admin logs in on their account and announces it.

      Maybe their will be demoted, but I'm guessing that won't happen unless there is someone to step into their role because an admin cannon leave a wiki without someone to look after it as an admin. If they don't maybe one of the Wikia Staff members will look after it until they can find someone who's willing to adopt it and take care of it.

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    • I guess I'm a little concerned about what will happen to/on my wikis after I'm gone. (Not this one coz I know you'll be there)

      On one of my wikis with a bit more activity I appointed one who I know has made many accurate edits for a long time

      I guess it is unlikely that the wikis other people usually don't edit on will even be vandalized, because usually only the aforementioned wiki was vandalized on uncommon occasion

      Oh, and thank you for taking care of Sailor Moon Dub Wiki when I haven't been around much. I really appreciate it. (though I would also appreciate if templates like "stubs" didn't override the Comments section to talkpages, can you please fix that?)

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    • Well, to be honest, there's no real telling how long Wikia can sustain itself as a website; it could definitely disappear one day and none of this would've mattered beyond memories.

      There's always a good chance that someone will create a duplicate website like Wikia (with isn't wikimedia, which requires money to host a wiki independent of wikia) and basically give users what they want (ad-free space, control over their wikia space and etc.). You never know, honestly.

      If you don't mind my asking (and if you do, don't answer), are you okay?

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    • I'm all right for the moment, but I was feeling pretty down on the 21st, in part due to something on another wiki (of which I'm the lowest rung on the ladder due to differing opinions), which got me thinking about what would happen to my wikis - besides this one - if something happened unexpectedly and I was no longer around, and even if it didn't, I still won't be around forever, if nothing else, then of old age 50 years from now.

      Sorry if this is sounding too morbid, but it's been bugging me for a few years, and I'm not sick, suicidal, being threatened, etc. I might be around for another year, another 10, maybe even another 20.

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    • That's good to know. I'm glad you're okay, outside of inter-wiki problems.

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    • A FANDOM user
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