• hi i would love to xpand this wiki can you give a few rticles i can start

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    • I can't stop you from contributing, that's kinda the whole point of

      Glancing at your previous editing history, you have a tendency to not capitalize when necessary when adding to articles, as well as not formatting in certain subheading (such as adding the asterisk to content in the Trivia).

      So, I don't mind if you help or contribute to the Sailor Moon Dub Wiki, but, I'm asking you as an admin, please take the time to edit, format and proofread your content before you hit submit.

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    • umm you knw i didnt edit anything in this wiki...i mean, where?

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    • I'm talking about your editing history on other Wiki's, which is accessible with a simple google search.

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    • A FANDOM user
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