• Presumably, Jedite was destroyed along with the Negaverse. But I heard theories that the Negaverse's destruction released him instead, and some of those theories go that Jedite eventually died and became Wiseman in the future.

    The origin of the theory is because Tony Daniels does both their voices. I know others like Zoycite and Emerald have shared the same voice actor before, but do you think Wiseman really is Jedite or was he a completely separate entity in life, and Jedite destroyed along with the Negaverse?

    (Crystal/the manga goes more in depth to Wiseman's origins, that he was a human named Phantom who died and became a phantom remote controlling his dead body. Presumably something similar holds here, with his skeletal form and all, and his true spirit form residing inside the Dark Crystal (as opposed to Nemesis itself). And I know in Crystal, he is obviously NOT Jadeite, as he was called Phantom in life and Jadeite was vaporized with nothing left of him, though his spirit can still be summoned.

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