Biographical Information
Name Titus
Aliases Ship's first mate
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Navy
Skin Color Pale-baby blue
Enemy Information
Monster Type Negamonster
Rank Minion
Operations Base
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance Cruise Blues
Last Appearance Cruise Blues
English Voice Maria Vacratsis
Japanese Voice

"What are you doing on a love cruise without boyfriends anyway?"

Titus is one of the more powerful Negamonsters, and one of Queen Beryl's most powerful followers. She appeared in Sailor Moon episode 9, Cruise Blues.

Titus offered to work with Jedite to gather energy for the Negaverse. At first he refused, as he disliked her, but accepted when she told him she had a perfect plan to steal energy.

Jedite and Titus drained energy from everyone on the love cruise, but it only worked on those who were in love, which did not affect Amy or Raye, who did not have dates like the others. Titus sent several unnamed monsters after the Amy and Raye. These monsters multiplied when Raye chopped them in two. Serena arrived and transformed into Sailor Moon. Amy and Raye transformed as well. Titus shot deadly water that could pulverize anything. In the end, after Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars used Mercury Bubbles Blast and Mars Fire Ignite on her, Sailor Moon destroyed her with Moon Tiara Magic.

Queen Beryl was angered by her death, as Titus was a valuable ally to them, and punished Jedite, later threatening to condemn him to Eternal Sleep if he failed once more.

From "Thetis" of Greek Mythology, who was one of the Nereids (who live in the Meditteranean Sea) and wife of Poseidon. This Youma uses water and worked on a cruise ship.

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