Tobihaneru is a Remless sent by Fish Eye to fight Sailor Moon. He is an acrobat, and apparently his only attack is making people bounce on a trampoline. He appeared in Sailor Moon Super S Episode 21, A True Reflection.

When Fish Eye was extracting Darien's dream mirror to search his dreams for Pegasus, Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon came to stop her, so she sent Tobihaneru after them. Tobihaneru created a trampoline in the ground and made Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon bounce on it. This fight did not last long; Mini Moon summoned Pegasus with Crystal Twinkle Bell, and Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Tobihaneru.


  • Tobihaneru looks similar in appearance to Tiger's Eye.
  • When Tobihaneru gets destroyed, it sounds like he is swearing (while in reality he is saying "Long live the circus!").
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