Too Many Girlfriends

1, Sailor Moon (season)

Air date

October 3, 1995




An Artful Attack


Grandpa's Follies

"Sometimes reality really stinks."

"Too Many Boyfriends" is the 25th episode of Sailor Moon. It was preceded by An Artful Attack and followed by Grandpa's Follies.


When the weatherman's prediction goes wrong, Lita is caught in a downpour and runs into Andrew, who takes her over to the arcade. Lita tells him that she wants to open her own restaurant someday, as she is good at cooking. She also discovers that his house is close to her house. He asks her to give him cooking lessons. After Lita is gone, Andrew's girlfriend, Rita, appears. She has been promoted and is going to Africa.

Zoycite discovers that Rita is the fifth rainbow crystal carrier. While going over to Andrew's house, Lita discovers a picture of Rita, and Andrew tells her that he has been going out with her for a year, much to Lita's disappointment. Serena is just as disappointed when Lita and Luna tell her. Lita tells Serena that they might still have a chance for Andrew to fall in love with either of them, as Rita is going to Africa. However, Darien says that they don't have a chance, as usual calling Serena "Meatballhead".

Lita tries to convince Rita that she should go to Africa, as she is not sure she wants to go and give up Andrew and risk him falling in love with someone else. While Serena and Lita are over at Andrew's house, Rita calls him and says she might be suffering from heartbreak. He goes off to see her, and doesn't return. The Crescent Moon Wand reacts, so Serena and Lita transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter.

Zoycite traps Rita and Andrew inside a ring of fire. She shoots an energy wave at Andrew to knock him out, and extracts the blue crystal from Rita, and turns her into Techniclon, one of the Seven Shadows. She throws bombs at Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter, which explode into leeches. Tuxedo Mask appears and knocks the crystal out of Zoycite's hand. Sailor Jupiter uses Jupiter Thunder Crash to destroy the leeches and attack Techniclon, who sucks the attack up in a glass vial and sends it back at them. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars arrive and use Mercury Bubbles Blast and Mars Fire Ignite. Sailor Mars's attack destroys the energy-absorbing vial, and Sailor Moon uses Moon Healing Activation to turn Techniclon back into Rita.

Zoycite pretends to surrender the crystal to Tuxedo Mask, but then uses Zoy on him and takes the crystal.

Rita goes over to Africa, and says goodbye to Andrew at the airport.


  • First and last appearance of Techniclon, Champion of the Negaverse
  • Zoycite gets the blue crystal
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