Tracey Moore
Tracey Moore (Present)
Biographical Information
G. Name Tracey Anne Moore
S. Name Tracey Moore
Born Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Birth January 17, 1960[1]
Role(s) Serena Tsukino
Appeared in Sailor Moon (ep. 1-11, 15, 21)

Tracey Moore is a Canadian voice actor, director, and singer. She provided the voice of Serena Tsukino in the first season of Optimum Productions localization of Sailor Moon produced by DiC Entertainment.


Personal Life

Tracy Moore was born Trace Anne Moore, January 17, 1960 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her daughter.

Film and Television

Moore provided the voice of Princess Toadstool in the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and the singing voice of Strawberry Shortcake in Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures.

She provided the voice Marvel Comics character Emma Frost as well as Jean Grey's Phoenix alter-ego in the 1992 X-Men series. Moore also was the voice of the Dryad in Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series, George in George Shrinks, and Ned in "Ned's Newt".

Sailor Moon

In 1995, she was the first of three voice actors to portray Serena Tsukino during the first season of DiC Entertainment's English localization of Toei Animation's Sailor Moon, as well as acting as assistant director to the series. Moore voiced the title character of the series in the first eleven episodes, before she was replaced by Terri Hawkes, who became the established voice for the role. Moore voiced Serena in the fifteenth and twenty-first episodes, she voiced a total thirteen episodes.[2]

As Director of ADR, Moore attempted to get the best takes from the cast with multiple takes. Her direction came into conflict with Nicole Thuaualt, Director of ADR and Casting, who was concerned about keeping production on schedule and preferred as few takes a possible. Moore left the production of Sailor Moon on account of "stress" and "creative differences".[2]

Stage and Theater

With regard to stage work, Tracey toured the United States playing Dorothy opposite Phyliss Diller's Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. She has performed many Musical Theatre roles throughout the Eastern US and Canada.

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