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The UPN's final network prior to the merger with Time Warner.

The United Paramount Network (UPN) was an American broadcast television network that launched on January 16, 1995. The network was originally owned by Chris-Craft Industries/United Television; Viacom (through its Paramount Television unit, which produced most of the network's series) turned the network into a joint venture in 1996 after acquiring a 50% stake in the network, and then purchased Chris-Craft's stake in the network in 2000; UPN was spun off to CBS Corporation in December 2005, when CBS and Viacom split up into two separate companies.

UPN shut down on September 15, 2006, with some of its programs moving three days later to The CW – a joint venture between CBS Corporation and Time Warner (majority owner of The WB, itself shutting down two days later).[1]

Broadcasting Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was first broadcast in the United States September 11, 1995 on UPN's network. The series premiered on over twenty seven UPN Stations across the United States. The chosen time slots for Sailor Moon varied depending on the station and state, but primarily appeared to be around the early morning hours of 6:00 and 7:00 AM in the morning Monday through Friday.

The first season ran from September 1995 to November 1995. The second season, Sailor Moon R ran for a number of thirteen episodes from November 1995 to December of the same year. May 26, 1997, UPN reran Sailor Moon on UPN's station in Briginigam, Alabama. Earlier, in December 1995, UPN cancelled the show. Their reasoning was their intended target audience, the "younger audiences", was not being reached. Website activity instead revealed it was attracting older audiences.[2][3]

A fansite organization named "Save Our Sailors" (S.O.S.)[4] campaigned and petitioned to save the show after UPN dropped. Dic later announced that the rest of Sailor Moon R would debut on the USA Network June 9, 1997.[5][6]



The following are a list of standard air time slots on numerous UPN Stations prior to Sailor Moon's cancellation.[7][8]

Station Time Slot
WUPA UPN 69 8:30 AM Atlanta, GA
UPN 54 6:00 AM Baltimore, MD
WABM UPN 68 8:30 AM Birmingham, AL
WBTR UPN 19 9:30 AM Baton Rouge
WWBI UPN 27 3:00 PM Burlington, VT
UPN 64 5:30 AM Cincinnati, OH
KTVD UPN 20 6:30 AM Denver, CL
WFND UPN 47 6:30 AM Findlay, OH
WTVK UPN 46 5:30 AM Fort Myers, FL
WTXX UPN 20 3:30 PM Hartford, CT
KFVE UPN 5 6:30 AM Honolulu, HI
KTXH UPN 20 5:30 AM Houston, TX
WNFT UPN 47 8:30 AM Jacksonville, TN
KSMO UPN 62 7:00 AM Kansas City MS
KCOP UPN 13 7:30 AM Los Angeles, CA
WFTE UPN 58 8:30 AM Louisville, TK
WLMT UPN 30 7:00 AM Memphis, TS
WBFS UPN 33 2:00 PM Miami, FL
KMSP UPN 9 9 6:30 AM Minneapolis
WJTC UPN 44 6:30 AM Mobile, AL
WRBW UPN 65 7:00 AM Orlando, FL
WPSG UPN 57 8:00 AM Philadelphia
WPTT UPN 22 6:00 AM Pittsburgh, OH
WPTT UPN 22 6:00 AM Pittsburgh, PA
KPTV UPN 12 6:00 AM Portland, OR
KBHK UPN 44 2:30pm San Francisco, CA
WFND UPN 6:30 AM Toledo, OH
WTVX UPN 34 7:30 AM West Palm Beach


The series was rebroadcast during the May of 1997 prior to its premiere on the USA Network's USA Cartoon Express block in June of 1998.[8]

Station Time Day(s) Slot
WABM UPN 68 7:00 AM
6:30 AM
Birmingham, AL



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