Biographical Information
Name Ubara
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Orange
Skin Color Pale-Pink
Enemy Information
Monster Type Daimon
Alignment Bureau of Bad Behavior, Witches 5
Affiliation Mimet, Doctor Tome
Rank Minion
Mission Defeat the Sailor Scouts
Operations Base Botanical Society
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Thorny Weather"
Last Appearance "Thorny Weather"
English Voice Unknown
Japanese Voice

"What's happening? I'm wilting! I'm wilting!"
—Ubara, Ep. #109

Ubara is a Daimon Heart Snatcher who was sent by Mimet to extract Pure Hearts. She has the appearance of a yellow rose, as she was created from one by Doctor Tomoe. She attacks by throwing sharp yellow roses at her enemies (to which Tuxedo Mask calls her a copycat) and wrapping vines around her enemies. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 27, Thorny Weather.

Mimet took Ubara with her to extract a Pure Heart from a rose breeder named Kenny. Ubara sucked out his Pure Heart and ate it. Sailor MoonSailor Mini Moon, and Tuxedo Mask fought her, but she trapped them all in her vines. Hotaru then shattered the vines with her power, and Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon and destroyed her with Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, and the Pure Heart was released unharmed.


  • Many fans of the english series considered this Diamon to be the most annoying of any enemies that Sailor Moon confronted and destroyed(She uttered a ear piercing screeh before dying)
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