Biographical Information
Name Uhenshu
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Marine-green
Skin Color White
Height Unknown
Enemy Information
Monster Type Daimon
Alignment Bureau of Bad Behavior
Affiliation Mimet
Rank Minion
Mission Collect Heart Crystal, defeat the Sailor Scouts
Operations Base Bookshop Car Park
Power Source
Series information
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
First Appearance "Rini's Risky Friendship"
Last Appearance "Rini's Risky Friendship"
English Voice Elizabeth Beeler
Japanese Voice

"Have I got a story for you? Yes!"
—Uhenshu, Ep. #106

Uhenshu is a Daimon Heart Snatcher sent by Mimet to steal Pure Hearts. She was created from the page of a comic book by Doctor Tomoe, and attacks by throwing razor sharp book pages and trapping people with giant covers of books. She appeared in Sailor Moon S Episode 24, Rini's Risky Friendship.

Mimet brought Uhenshu with her as she targeted a writer named Charles Henry Clark. Uhenshu sucked the Pure Heart out through his mouth and ate it. Sailor Moon attacked her, but became trapped under a giant book cover. Then Sailor PlutoSailor Neptune, and Sailor Uranus arrived and attacked Uhenshu, but were at a disadvantage until the other Sailor Scouts came. Uhenshu ran out of ammunition, and Sailor Moon used Rainbow Moon Heart Ache on Mimet and Uhenshu. Mimet ran off before the attack reached them, and Uhenshu was destroyed.

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