Uranus World Shaking, or World Shaking, is an offensive attack used by Sailor Uranus.

Sailor Uranus launches a yellow energy orb resembling the planet Uranus. It works as both an energy ball to hit an enemy directly, and a means of making the enemy suffer as though there is an earthquake.

This attack, combined with Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge, destroyed the first Daimon Heart Snatcher, Mikuzi. It was also powerful enough to destroy Tiren's clone. She also used the attack to defeat Kaorinite, reflecting her glass shard attack back at her and knocking her over the edge of Tokyo Tower.

Sailor Uranus also blew the giant Daimon, Germatoid, to bits with World Shaking before he even had a chance to attack, but he was not destroyed, taking the form of several smaller monsters.

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