Venus Crescent Beam Smash is Sailor Venus's first attack.

She puts her finger to her forehead, and then shoots a thin beam of energy at the enemy. It is rarely powerful enough to destroy them, but can do a bit of damage.

The first time the attack is seen is in Sailor Moon Episode 29, Sailor V Makes the Scene. She uses it on Zoycite just when she has Tuxedo Mask cornered, injuring her hands. She does the same to Malachite to break his forcefield that has the other Sailor Scouts trapped.

Three monsters have been killed with the Venus Crescent Beam Smash. The first was the pink Doom and Gloom Girl in Episode 40, Day of Destiny, whom she hit in the face point blank with the attack. The other two were destroyed when she combined her attack with those of other Sailor Scouts. In Sailor Moon R Episode 2, So You Want to Be in Pictures, Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars destroyed Cardian Minotaur with Venus Crescent Beam Smash and Mars Fire Ignite. In Episode 4, VR Madness, she combined it with Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunder Crash to destroy Cardian Nacrid.


  • The Venus Crescent Beam Smash is similar to Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon in the anime Dragonball Z, except that he uses two fingers while she uses one.
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