Venus Love Chain Encircle is Sailor Venus's third attack.

She attacks using a chain made of energy in the shape of hearts. This can be used as a whip to attack or scratch enemies, or a rope to wrap around people, either to trap them or to save them from falling.

It was first used in Sailor Moon R Episode 19, A Charmed Life, when Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter (who previously got into an argument, and later forgave each other) used their new attacks to fight off Prizma and Avery.

Venus Love Chain Encircle was used often following this. During the fight with Emerald, Sailor Venus scratched her with this. She was able to heal the cut, but, according to Luna, was wounded from it anyway.

In Episode 16 of Sailor Moon Super S, Sailor Venus was turned into a Super Sailor by Pegasus, and her attack was upgraded to Super Venus Love Chain.

Along with Sailor Jupiter's Jupiter Thunderclap Zap, it was the last of the new attacks featured in the Negamoon arc.

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