Vulturos is the sixth Cardian that Alan and Ann send to gather energy for the Doom Tree. He has vulture wings and attacks by stretching his fingernails to impale his victims. He also uses his wings to create tornadoes. He appeared in Sailor Moon R Episode 6, Kindergarten Chaos.

Though the previous Cardian, Racy, managed to get a lot of energy for the Doom Tree before her death, the Doom Tree began to lose energy again, so Alan and Ann sent Vulturos to drain energy from little kids, trying something different. In a similar fashion to Kigaan, Vulturos kept attacking buses full of kids. On one of these buses was a little girl named Carrie whom Mina often protected from bullies, and who (unlike the bullies that pick on her) believes that Sailor Moon exists. Mina was on the bus at the time, and so was Serena, disguised as a kindergarten teacher. They transformed into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus to fight Vulturous, but he gained the advantage over them until the Moonlight Knight appeared. For the first time, Sailor Venus used a new technique: Venus Meteor Shower, and while Vulturos was trapped/damaged, Sailor Moon destroyed him with her scepter.


  • Vulturos is the second monster (and the second male monster at that) to resemble a vulture (and to have Vulture in his name). The first is Bobo the Vulture, one of the Seven Shadows from the Negaverse.
  • Vulturos bears a somewhat similar appearance with Pit from the Kid Icarus series
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