Wedding Day Blues is the 13th episode of Sailor Moon. It was preceded by An Unnatural Phenomena and followed by Shutter Bugged.


Serena's sewing teacher, Miss Lambert, seems distracted from teaching. Melvin tells Serena and Molly that the reason for this is because she is getting married to a computer salesman named Herbert. The wedding dresses are too expensive, but Miss Haruna tells her she could make one easily because she is the sewing teacher. Miss Lambert is the next target of Neflite.

A contest is held in which whoever sews the best wedding dress will win a trip to Hawaii. Raye decides to enter, which makes Serena angry, as she wanted to win the trip to Hawaii.

Miss Lambert also wants to enter the contest, and picks out material for a wedding dress, and Neflite charges it with dark energy. Miss Lambert stops answering Herbert's calls afterwards, as she begins to turn evil from Neflite's dark energy. When Herbert comes to give her flowers, she tells him she doesn't want to marry him anymore. Luna suspects the Negaverse.

Raye and Serena try to steal Grandpa Hino's sheets and Mrs. Tsukino's curtains, respectively, for the wedding dress contest, but both are unsuccessful.

As the wedding contest begins, Luna tells Serena to enter the contest and find Miss Lambert, so she uses the Luna Pen to transform into a bride. Miss Lambert hypnotizes everyone and they fall asleep. Serena is able to avoid looking into her eyes (only because Luna says so), and Miss Lambert's energy reaches its peak, and a Negamonster named Black Widow appears, taking Miss Lambert's energy. Serena, Amy, and Raye transform into Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars. Black Widow traps Sailor Moon with spider threads. Sailor Mercury uses Mercury Bubbles Blast, and Sailor Mars uses Mars Fire Ignite to destroy the threads. Black Widow attacks again, but Sailor Moon uses Moon Tiara Magic, cutting through the threads and destroying Black Widow. Miss Lambert's energy is returned to her and she returns to normal.

Miss Lambert and Herbert get married, and win the trip to Hawaii. Miss Lambert throws the bouquet. Serena, Raye, and Miss Haruna fight over it, but it is Amy who catches it.

Sailor Says

Serena: Yeah, Neflite’s a hot looking guy, but he is bad to the bone! So Ms. Lambert’s fiance isn’t the coolest looking guy on the block, but he loves her, and he makes her happy. You gotta look deeper than looks, see what’s inside the person. That’s what counts.
Luna: Right! I always look for what’s inside, and you should too!


  • First and last appearance of Negamonster Black Widow
  • Haruna and Serena's mom meet Raye in this episode.
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